Ian & Lee Clark occasionally break away from enjoying their view from Rogers Hill to take a few photos. They’ve had a bit of success as photographers and you’ve likely seen their photos in magazines, books, calendars or ads. The last few years, they’ve been regular contributors to The Bridge Weekly Sho-Case.

Photography was a second career for Lee; she started as a Russian Language Specialist working, as they say, ‘for the government.’ She also spent a year working at our embassy in Moscow, USSR. Shortly after she returned home, the USSR fell apart. She claims it was merely coincidence. When she returned to the US, she decided it was time for a change and earned an MS in photo journalism from The S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She took an internship at the New York Daily News, and they promptly made her a Picture Editor. She stayed for 10 years before escaping to West Newbury. Lee is exploring yet another career change; she’s interested in baking and is working at King Arthur Flour. She still shoots occasionally and takes a few editing projects.

Ian learned a bit about photography while pursuing another hobby – trains. He soon started shooting for his local newspaper while in high school. In his junior year, he got brave and sent his first photos to a national magazine. Rather than discouraging him, they ran one on the front cover. Not smart enough to quit while he was ahead, he went on to earn a BS in photo finishing (photo lab management) from the Rochester Institute of Technology, then spent 20 plus years bouncing around the country running commercial photo labs. They only one you may have heard of was an outfit called NASA; Ian managed the photo section at NASA’s Langley Research Center until he realized that he was never going to adapt to working for the government. He then went to grad school at Syracuse where he met Lee.

Ian shoots editorial and commercial assignments and has a large library of stock photos. His stock library includes over 70,000 images of trains from around North American and China. He has photographed over 200 working steam locomotives. In 2005, he traveled in Inner Mongolia to visit the last all steam locomotive driven railroad in the world.
Ian & Lee are online at www.IanClark.com & www.LeeClark.com. Photos from local events they’ve covered for The Bridge Weekly Sho-Case are online here at www.UpperValleyPhotos.com. The Bridge Weekly Sho-Case is online at www.TheBridgeWeekly.com.

Ian is a big, not very attractive guy, so rather than scare you with his photo, we've used one of our dog, Bandit!.